Crab Acceptance Policy

Please see below the policy as it relates to acceptance of Native Crabs as freight.

  • The shipper must travel on the sailing of which the native crabs will be shipped.
  • The shipper must declare to the Bahamas Ferries Agent their intent to ship crabs as freight.
  • All crabs must travel in a well-ventilated container/package.
  • The booking reference number of the shipper/passenger must be placed on the Bahamas Ferries Freight Voucher.
  • In the event that luggage tags are used to identify bags of crabs for volume shipments, the luggage tag number(s) must also be recorded on the Freight Voucher which must be signed by the customer upon collection.
  • All luggage tags must be retrieved from the customer at the time of collection.
  • If the crabs are being shipped in a bag or box they will be priced at the assigned tariff rates for that destination as per the new Crab Shipping Tariff Rates.
    • Cost to/from Andros – $10 per bag
    • Cost to/from Eleuthera – $10 per bag
    • Cost to/from Long Island – $15 per bag and $10 per box
    • Cost to/from Freeport – Pallet rates apply ONLY. (Half Pallet -$90/Full Pallet – $140).
  • If crabs are being shipped in a crate or pen, they will be charged at the half pallet rates applicable to that destination.
  • All crab shipments must be prepaid.
  • No Crabs are to be shipped as “COD” cash on delivery.
  • Crabs must be collected by the shipper/passenger immediately upon the vessel’s arrival. Bahamas Ferries accepts no liability otherwise.
  • A Freight Department representative or Vessel’s Captain/Mate will have the shipper/passenger sign the Bahamas Ferries Voucher upon the vessel’s arrival as acceptance of the crabs.
  • Bahamas Ferries will accept no responsibility for these items if they are not collected upon the vessel’s arrival.