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ABACO – Marsh Harbour


  • Since colonial times, Abaco has been considered the boating capital of The Bahamas. Even today, Abaco is still known for its traditional boat-building techniques and rich, historical architecture, originally constructed by loyalists in the 1700s-1800s. The Elbow Reef Lighthouse, located in Hope Town, is a stunning example of 1800s infrastructure still present in Abaco today. The 7-mile-long beach along the coast of Guana Cay is one of the most magnificent in the world, and the turquoise waters are enough to entice any visitors.

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  • Abaco

ELEUTHERA – Spanish Wells, Harbour Island, Three Island Dock, Current and Governor’s Harbour

  • Eleuthera, a name that derives from the Greek word ‘eleutheros’, meaning ‘free’, is an island abundant with history and natural resources and is said to grow some of the sweetest pineapples in the world. Eleuthera is even better known for its Glass Window Bridge, a thin strip of land that divides the calm, clear Caribbean Sea from the rough, dark Atlantic Ocean. The large waves of the Atlantic allow Eleuthera to be one of the only islands in The Bahamas where surfing is possible, making it an especially appealing destination for international surfing enthusiasts and those looking for an adventurous getaway.

    Spanish Wells
    Though only 2 miles long and a half-mile wide, Spanish Wells is a quaint island with rich history and hidden beauty. The aquamarine water surrounding the island is teeming with life, including an abundant crawfish population that supplies the biggest industry for the small town and a major attraction for fishermen and tourists alike.

    Harbour Island
    Affectionately called ‘Briland’ by locals, one of the most recognizable features of Harbour Island is the powdery pink sand, stretching for over three and a half miles on the coast of this peaceful paradise. A highly attractive spot for celebrities, Harbour Island has exceptional restaurants, luxurious hotels, and perfect weather, year round.

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  • Eleuthera

EXUMA – George Town

  • The Exumas are the most widely recognized islands in The Bahamas, as one such cay, aptly dubbed ‘Pig Beach’, is home to a number of hogs who dwell on the beach and swim in the water, seeking food from any boats that approach the island. Also notable in the Exumas are the stromatolites found in surrounding water, as these are the oldest known macrofossils on earth. Many celebrities also frequent the Exumas, some even building homes to enjoy the serenity and seclusion of paradise.

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  • Exuma


  • As the northernmost island in the country, Grand Bahama lies just 90 kilometers off the coast of Florida, and is the fourth largest island in the Bahamas (which has about 700 islands and 2,400 cays). It’s home to 18 of the 28 bird species native to The Bahamas, as well as one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world. Just one mile off the shore of Grand Bahama is Peterson Cay, one of the largest national parks in The Bahamas. With kayak tours, swimming with dolphins, and miles and miles of beaches to explore, Grand Bahama is one of the top destinations in The Bahamas.

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  • Grand Bahama


  • Nassau has everything you could want in a big city, yet still maintains the energy and ease of a tropical paradise. With its rich culture and bustling nightlife, the capital of The Bahamas is a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. From luxurious hotels, to fine dining, to world-class beaches, there’s not much that Nassau doesn’t offer.

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  • New Providence