Bahamas Ferries is “celebrating you” with annual Customer Mania programme

Customer Mania

It’s Customer Mania time again and we are thrilled to be commemorating another year of customer loyalty, this time under the theme, “Celebrating You”.

Observed each year from March to May, Customer Mania sees our Bahamas Ferries team giving back to our valued customers as a “special thanks” for their patronage.

We introduced the programme in July 2012 as a month-long customer rewards and retention programme, but it has since developed into a three-month celebration of our patrons. During Customer Mania, we engage our customers on a more personal level to show our appreciation in a tangible way. These months are typically filled with give-aways, including gifts from our in-store grab bags, birthday surprises, as well as discounted and free travel. We also use this period to gain valuable feedback from our regular patrons on how to enhance our offerings to continue meeting their expectations.

This celebrated programme not only allows us to express our gratitude to customers, but also acknowledge some well deserving employees, who are nominated by our own customers for their exemplary service.

Now in our fifth year of the programme, we want to thank our customers for their continued support and loyalty. We pledge to continue to make Customer Mania and affiliated programmes even more exciting for years to come.


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