What will change about the day away?


Frequently Asked Questions

  The major feature change of the day away will be the addition of a golf cart tour of the entire island. Additionally, the beach Cabana will no longer be available. However, access to the beach will still be available.

Can we use the beach Cabana?

  The beach Cabana will no longer be available for use by our guests. However, the beach is still accessible via the public beach access.

Where can we change for the beach?

  Guests can change for the beach at the vessel, the Ministry of Tourism office, Bahamas Ferries building or at Beretta’s Sea Shell Inn.

Where can we shower after the beach?

  Currently there are no showers available. We are anticipating that this will change by mid-March.

Can guests keep the golf cart for the entire day?

  Guests are not allowed to keep the golf cart for the entire day. Golf cart are available for the duration of the tour only. However carts can be rented for a small fee.

What would be the additional cost for a golf cart?

  The additional cost for the golf cart rental is $15 per cart.

Can Guests go directly to the beach?

  Guests are not obligated to take the guided tour and are free to go directly to the beach.

Where can I use the restroom?

  Restrooms are available throughout the tour and at the facilities listed above.

Where can I use my lunch voucher?

  Lunch vouchers can be used at any of the restaurants on Harbour Island.

How do I get back to the boat after the beach?

  A shuttle will leave Beretta’s Sea Shell Inn at 3:15pm and 3:30pm.

How do I make arrangements for golf cart use after the tour has ended?

  Just indicate to your tour guide prior to the end of the tour and arrangements will be made at the island office.

Where will we host large groups?

  Large groups will be hosted at the Beach immediately in the back of Beretta’s Sea Shell Inn.

Is the booking process still the same?

  The booking process will remain the same.

Is the commission structure still the same?

  There will be no change in the commission or the price structure of this package.

When can I take a fam-trip?

  Fam-Trips will be available beginning January 1 st, 2005. Please call our sales or reservations office to make arrangements.

Can I still visit Coral Sands for Lunch?

  Coral Sands will still be one of our lunch options.

What do I bring with me to HBI?

  Bring your beach towel and your sense of adventure.

If I need assistance while on the island where do I go?

  Please visit the Bahamas Ferries office located on Church Street.

Is the Pick-up and drop-of process still the same?

  Hotel pick-up process will not change.

How long is the tour?

  The tour is designed to last 2 hrs.

Which route will the tour take?

  The tour will cover most of the island. Starting with the early parliamentarian’s plaque on Bay Street.

How do I get to the beach?

  There are several Public beach access points which will be identified.

Are beach chairs and umbrellas available?

  Equipment will only be available by special request for large group business.

Golf Cart Rental Policy

Golf carts are assigned 4 people to a cart for the tour. Customers wanting to purchase a private cart can do so at a price of $39 for the entire day and $15 for half a day. Customers wishing to keep a cart after the tour can do so at $15 per cart.
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